We are saddened to announce that Poppy's Southern Recipes is closing. 

We have received a medical diagnosis for Mark that will require our full dedication and resources. We are very thankful for your support of Poppy's and we ask for your prayers and thoughts during this time of transition, not only for us as a family, but also for our awesome employees. 


Thank you again, We love every one of you guys!!


Don and Alice Gonzales
Mark and Deidra Harvey

Southern Cooking for the Texas Hill Country

Poppy's Southern Recipes is a family owned and operated establishment with a genuine desire to serve the community of Steiner Ranch and local friends, along with the Lake Travis area.


Our Story

All originally from Beaumont,TX the owners moved to the Austin area in 2014. It is the desire of the entire family and crew to bring the TX and LA flavors to the hill country. Possibly even introduce some residents to the delicious taste of cajun foods and bring customers memories from foods that they love. To honor her father, Don Gonzales, Jr, Deidra Harvey gave the restaurant it's name Poppy's. He is affectionately called Poppy by all his 13 grandchildren. Deidra Harvey along with her husband, Mark and her two parents, Don and Alice Gonzales formed a partnership to bring Poppy's Southern Recipes to the Steiner Ranch area. 


4300 N. Quinlan Park Rd.

Suite 100

Austin, TX 78732

Open Thursday-Sunday11am to 9pm

*CLOSED Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Hours of Operation

Location- Steiner Ranch

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